Four-ball friction machines ЧМТ-1 (3) allows conducting tests on three rotation speeds of the upper ball.

  • The weight of machine ЧМТ-1 (3) doesn’t exceed 240 kg.
  • The rotation frequency of the machine spindle, with the upper ball fixed in it, in the range of axial loads in the friction unit from 59 up to 9 800 N  [from 6 up to 1 000 kgf], makes:

– 1 – (1 200 ± 50) rotations/min.;

– 2 – (1 460 ± 70) rotations/min.;

– 3 – (1 770 ± 50) rotations/min.



Structurally four-ball friction machine ЧМТ‑1 (3) is made as a single aggregate. The basis of the construction is a framework, to which the friction unit is attached. Into the friction unit the testing samples (balls) are placed, the upper of which is rotated by means of an electric motor. For limiting the runout of the balls’ rotation the electric motor is equipped with the brake. The load to the testing samples is created by the load device. The setup of operation modes and the control is made from the control panel. The control of the upper ball rotation speed is made from the speed control unit.